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Life Insurance

<p>Whole Life Insurance</p>

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance remains in force for your whole life, as long as you remain current with your premiums.

In exchange for fixed premiums, the insurance company promises to pay a set benefit when the policyholder dies.

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<p>Universal Life Insurance</p>

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance is permanent life insurance — that is, it remains in force for your whole life. But universal life insurance has an important difference from other types of permanent insurance: it provides a flexible premium.

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<p>Term Life Insurance</p>

Term Life Insurance

Unlike permanent insurance, term insurance only pays a death benefit. That’s one of the reasons term insurance tends to be less expensive than permanent insurance.

Many find term life insurance useful for covering specific financial responsibilities if they were to die unexpectedly. Term life insurance is often used to provide funds to cover:

  • Dependent care
  • College education for dependents
  • Mortgages
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